Capacity Building

Sustainable Innovations supports individuals and organizations in their training needs by providing different formation approaches to one methodology: LEARN BY DOING. We have developed a specialized brand: The Green Transformation Program (GTP), where students, professionals and entities undergo a 360-degree capacitation on environmental processes, sustainable products, and green technologies.

We also carry out specialized workshops and webinars that intend to enhance crossed-knowledge and facilitate partner collaboration, and it provides accessible formation for different targets on the latest green industry methodologies and sustainable technology implementation, through the collaboration with industrial partners.

Horizon Europe workshops
We carry out specialized workshops that intend to enhance and facilitate partner collaboration for H2020 proposals by offering unique concept and idea generation.
GTP for students & young professionals

Incubator for Leaders in Sustainability

For up to 6 months, you can be part of an intensive programme with certification in up to three different courses: Sustainability, Micro-MBA, and Innovation.

In addition, you will receive professional coaching focused on the most demanded skills in this work field and you will be guaranteed an online internship placement in a European company.

Green Leaders of Tomorrow

We impart an open rotational formation biannually in the technical, environmental, and business capacities to practically form green future leaders. This module can also be tailored to specific university needs.

GTP for industries and companies
We aim to practically train company employees by facilitating them an accessible formation on the latest green industry methodologies and sustainable technology implementation. This program is in collaboration with our large industry partners.
GTP for public management & government officials
Designed for public administration officials, decision-makers and political candidates who want to be part of the global environmental and sustainable progress.

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