We build a better tomorrow by establishing feasible paths for sustainable innovations to come



We help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs to scale up their projects’ growth, expand their markets, and access financing from both public and private schemes. We also support them in the process of defining and developing an in-depth market-oriented strategy to guarantee their freedom to operate and a scalable, sustainable growth.



We support companies’ research and development activities by managing their European proposals and providing writing services.

In European projects, we also offer our market research and exploitation services, as well as communication and outreach strategies.



We provide the necessary training for tomorrow’s leaders in current and future sustainable technologies and developments.

We organise workshops and specific training sessions to drive innovation within organisations.

Testimonials from our partners & customers

Our main motivation for working with Sustainable Innovations initially was their outstanding network in the European Bio-based sector, their efficiency in coordinating the development of successful proposals, and their ability to do so in a good working atmosphere! In addition, their quality of work as partners in the granted projects is remarkable. Their main strengths are the quality of the team, especially regarding efficiency and human skills, their aability to federate the right partners around an innovative idea, and their dynamism.
Capucine Dupont, UNESCO-IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
Having worked on multiple collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects with Sustainable Innovations, we have found them to be one of the top organisations when it comes to communication, dissemination and innovation specialists in the bioeconomy and circular economy space. Working on projects ranging from CSA's to Demo projects, we have found Sustainable Innovations to be a truly dynamic partner that actively builds capacity and stengthens the impact of the projects, always capturing and presenting clearly the most important aspects of the project. In addition, we have been impressed by the pioneering innovation and education activities of Sustainable Innovations, including the Green Leaders of Tomorrow Programme and the Incubator for Leaders in Sustainability Programme, which are putting the company to the forefront of addressing Europe's need for a skilled workforce to support the transition to a low carbon economy. We would highly recommend Sustainable Innovations as a partner on your sustainability journey.
James Gaffey, MTU
When we first participated in the Incubator for Leaders in Sustainability we were quite a small team. Our SME was constantly looking for new talents in the field of sustainability and engineering. With Sustainable Innovations’ Incubator we found the perfect opportunity, to have the chance to enlarge our team with top-students from the Technical institute of Monterrey, Mexico, very well prepared, but also to offer them the opportunity to acquire news skills and learn more about the daily work in the industry, and how the concepts they are studying can find their applicability in real-life situation and most of all in real projects. As an environmental engineering working in the field of sustainability and R&I projects, we were very confident in working with Sustainable Innovations since they know very well our business and environment. Their team was very helpful at each stage of the process, and we could do nothing more but to recommend this experience to other companies.
Evelina Castellana, Lomartov
We first got introduced to Sustainable Innovations in connection with applications to Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) calls, where we quickly found common ground on a number of applications. Since then, we’ve had joint applications with Sustainable Innovations in just about every round of calls for proposals under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. We consider proposals written by Sustainable Innovations to be consistently of very high quality, very relevant to Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, and with a high success rate. I’ve found Sustainable Innovations to have a very strong strategic understanding of what the EU is really looking for, combined with great imagination and creativity in thinking of new ideas and concepts. Working on the execution projects with Sustainable Innovations has also been an enjoyable experience, and we’ve found their staff to be very competent and cooperative. They’re one of the organisations in Europe I’d actively look out for and whom I feel most comfortable working with. They’re also one of the first organisations I’ll contact to discuss coming calls and priorities.
Simon Poulsen, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark
We started working with Sustainable Innovations because we needed specialized help to prepare a proposal for a Bio-based Industries Joint Unideraking (BBI-JU) call. Sustainable Innovations led its preparation, requesting the necessary information from us to adjust to the information requested by the BBI-JU and to highlight and make our proposal competitive. The proposal was funded and is now the FRACTION project. One of the main strengths of Sustainable Innovations when it comes to preparing proposals within the framework of European programs is that they fully understand the philosophy and the aspects that make them attractive and competitive.
Manuel López Granados, CSIC
At the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), we have a very good and strong collaboration with Sustainable Innovations, and we have had many great working experiences together. In my experience, Sustainable Innovations has great capabilities in the proposal writing process, both as a coordinator and as a partner. They know the process and are both active participants/leaders and great contributors, which has previously helped DTI meet proposal goals. Their main strengths are their professionalism, approachability (the team is very easy to reach, even at short notice) and knowledge on proposal development, evaluation, exploitation and market assessment.
Alexandra May Hyldgaard, Danish Technological Institute
Working with Sustainable Innovations is knowing that you will count on the collaboration of professionals prepared to adapt to the needs of the different projects you propose, whether they are about research or training. In my personal experience, the team linked to the development of international research projects is highly qualified and has the necessary skills to prepare turnkey proposals, from the very beginning to completion. They identify the best research topic, the partners that best fit the call and collect all the sensitivities to fit them into a proposal that meets the needed requirements without renouncing to each partner interests and potential. In addition, they have extensive experience in the dissemination and exploitation of results. Collaborating with them has always become an indicator of success.
Aleix Barrera, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
We met Sustainable Innovations in the process of preparing proposals for European Horizon 2020 calls. Thanks to their invitation, we could join a world-class consortium of European partners committed to working together in fields of agri-food innovations and circular bioeconomy. Meeting Sustainable Innovations was a remarkable experience in extending our knowledge, understanding, and kick-starting the continuous learning process of sustainable, circular bio-based industries. Additionally, the participation in Sustainable Innovations’ Incubator for Leaders in Sustainability Programme was a truly enriching for the UNIMOS team, as we had interns from Mexico who added a lot of value to our activities. Sustainable Innovations has an outstanding team of professional and motivated people who drive and inspire green and sustainable transformation in different types of organizations. For us it’s always an honor and pleasure to work with them because of their exceptional team, inspiring leadership, working, and personal ethics, and great organizational management.
Katarzyna Rull Quesada, UNIMOS Alliance
We worked with Sustainable Innovations in the framework of the EU-funded project PRESERVE, which they helped to position at European level, giving us the opportunity to improve and disseminate our job, as well as to open relationships for future collaborations. Sustainable Innovations created the perfect collaborative forum to meet work-teams with similar goals and from/with which synergies can be easily built. Their main strength relies on the collaboration they promote with the confidence that no one is trying to do things alone, but for a shared purpose.
Aldo Ramírez Reyes, IRIS Engineering
We are working with Sustainable Innovations in the Recycalyse project, where they lead the communication, dissemination and exploitation of the results. Their team has always been supportive, creative, proactive and responsive. They have developed an effective dissemination strategy that maintained a constant interest in our research. Moreover, they created the profile of the project by developing its website and showcasing our achievements on social media. This raised community awareness on the issues we are addressing and highlighted the solutions we have developed. Their effective communication makes the successes of our team visible and strengthens our consortium by connecting all partners. It's a pleasure to work together and be motivated by such an inspiring team that is forward-thinking and has its hand on the pulse of the partners' needs.
Lesia Sandig, Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg
Bringing together people and building efficient and valuable work team is one of Sustainable Innovations’ strengths! Consorzio Italbiotec and Sustainable Innovations share the same set of values, and this gave us the opportunity to join our forces and work together for the development of the European project MPowerBIO. The team members we’ve worked with are very kind, proactive, supportive and always ready to provide smart solutions in difficult situations. We hope to continue working together in other innovative projects in the near future!
Melissa Balzarotti, Consorzio Italbiotec
Following our collaboration with Sustainable Innovations over the past three years we want to congratulate them for all the successes and achievements they have reached so far. Their creativity, dedication and hard work have led them to this point and we will be happy to collaborate with them in the future.
Ioanna Katsavou, AXIA Innovation
We worked with Sustainable Innovations in the coordination of clustering activities as part of Horizon 2020 projects. They've been essential in the establishment of synergies and preparation of the first webinar within the cluster, managing all the communication activities and organizing the different meetings between the participants. In my opinion, their main strengths are their enthusiasm and dedication when performing any activity, as well as their knowledge of the tools, platforms and media available for an effective communication reaching high rates of audience. In addition, they have shown to be very good at organizing events such as webinars/workshops.
Fuensanta Monzó, CETEC
At first, it was Sustainable Innovations who motivated me to collaborate. Our partnership was consolidated thanks to the energy I found in the people who started the project and the collaboration opportunities that arose. Currently, and after several successful opportunities, I believe that Sustainable Innovation’s team is talented and has a lot of experience. They are renewing the way of offering innovation services and creating networks of opportunity.
Óscar Salas, Gaiker
We decided to work with SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS (SIE) due to their proved experience and demonstrated professionality managing European projects. They contributed to our common project by handling the dissemination and exploitation tasks. In my opinion, their main strengths are their professionalism and their partnering skills.
Dulce Muñoz, Fundictec
SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS has become a key partner for CTA in European innovation projects, due to its professionalism and great involvement in achieving the objectives and KPIs of each of the initiatives in which we have collaborated.
David Páez, CTA (Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía)
Finding trusted and experienced partners in the preparation and implementation of research projects is a great asset. We have had an opportunity to collaborate with Sustainable Innovations in two EU project preparations which both got granted. In addition, in one of them, we both have been partners of the consortium in implementing the work. The preparations were done with high quality and good coordination. In the ongoing project, the collaboration has been extremely good with the proactive and highly skilled professionals of Sustainable Innovations. As a cluster organisation, we see this collaboration as a great opportunity also to our cluster members and associate partners in the future to benefit from high-quality services and a wide network.
Teija Laitinen, CLIC Innovation Oy
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