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We build a better tomorrow by establishing feasible paths for sustainable innovations to come.


We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through our Innovation management services, including Market Uptake and Capacity Building, as well as supporting organizations in their innovative processes. Thus, we aim to be the most active and contributive European Sustainability Consultancy company.


Innovation, Sustainability, Commitment.


Sustainable Innovations began its journey in the last 2010-decade, with the vocation of supporting the market uptake of early-stage innovations designed by research centres, start-ups and universities.

The company started to be actively involved in European projects in 2018, when the team helped in the market uptake and communication of our partners’ results in areas where sustainable innovation is much needed, such as circular economy, bio-based industries, manufacturing industries and energy storage. Our promising performance in this area encouraged us to start our Innovation Management department to handle collaborative and private R&D projects.

In our will to support the mainstreaming of disruptive innovations, we realised that students and practitioners need to develop specific skills and competences suited for the new sustainability trends. This led us to launch the first edition of our Green Leaders of Tomorrow in 2019, a specific training programme for students with different backgrounds to learn the basics of projects in sustainability. The good welcome of the programme boosted our team to continue building customized training courses, such as the new Incubator for Leaders in Sustainability, launched in 2021.

As of today, the company is in continuous evolvement to deliver as much impact as we can into the society. We are now pushing to enhance our offer by including marketing and business development services for start-ups and SMEs that need to fund or scale up their ideas.

We have managed to thrive, building a great network of partners and allies that share our goal of delivering a sustainable tomorrow. We don’t know how it will look like, but we would love to discover it with you!

Our Team
Antonio Barona
Jesús Serrano
Deputy General Manager
Carlos Holguín
Head of Finance & Administration
Miguel Gallardo
Head of R&D
Mariana Fernández
Head of Operations
Bernardo Herrera
R&D Manager
Carla Sebastiani
Business Development Manager
Pablo Morales
Communications Manager
Pablo Ariño
Business Development Manager
Francesca Garcia
R&D Manager
Blanca Briones
R&B Manager
Pablo Pérez
Administrative Assistant
Lucía Cabral
Administrative Assistant
Daniel Matilla
Communications Manager
Rocío García
Communications Manager
Aitor Sola
R&D Manager
Nuria Bernad
R&D Manager
Jorge Barona
In-House Counsel & Project Manager
Camilo Borgogno
Business Development Manager
Aynara Moreno
In-House Counsel
Emilio Vela
In-House Counsel
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