Castellón (Spain) June 27-28/ 2019.- 50 representatives of different companies and research centres from 9 European countries met at the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) on June 27 and 28 in the framework of the European project LightCoce, financed with H2020 funds from the European Union under the agreement no. 814632.

Lightcoce was created with the aim of creating and developing an ecosystem of facilities and services for the design, execution, development and expansion of lightweight multifunctional structures and materials based on concrete and ceramics.

Since the project was launched at the end of last January in Athens, the participants have begun to study the equipment and set-up the needs of different equipment and facilities, especially in the pilot plants, such as the one at the headquarters of the Universitat Jaume I of the ITC, of about 800 m2, where on a semi-industrial scale are carried out numerous tests useful for companies to improve and be more efficient in their processes and products.

The members of the consortium, throughout these two days that the first plenary meeting of the project has lasted, have advanced consolidating the different working groups and the different tasks that each group has to undertake. This is not an easy task, given that the LightCoce H2020 project, coordinated by the National University of Athens (NTUA), has 26 entities and associated companies from 9 EU countries.

Thanks to this project, several pilot plants and laboratories of different characteristics will be joined together with the aim of, once they are developed, improved and updated, offering and expanding resources in a wider scope, always from the innovation and the win to win approach, so that everyone can be benefited, both in the creation of the pilot plant ecosystem itself and in the development of new products for construction, lighter and with new functionalities. Furthermore, once the project is completed, the members of the consortium are thinking of achieving financial sustainability so that the pilot plant ecosystem can continue offering these high value services developed in the framework of LightCoce.

Within the project lifetime, Sustainable Innovations is expected to develop the Marketability Assessment and IPR Strategy Services as well as to identify potential funding opportunities for the ecosystem end users.

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