On February 22, 2024, our Communication Manager, Pablo Morales Moya together with our Business Development Manager Carla Sebastiani attended the final review meeting of the DEFACTO project to present the results and milestones achieved to the European Commission since the project began in 2020.

There, we had the opportunity to showcase our contribution. Sustainable Innovations led the communication activities that included maximising the project results’ impact during its lifetime and after the project’s end through the project website, social media channels and communication campaigns.

Additionally, we also led the exploitation activities that included several tasks such as market assessments, intellectual property rights strategies and the development of a training programme to promote the integration of the DEFACTO findings, work method and scope through several e-learning materials.

The overall idea of DEFACTO was to develop a multiphysic and multiscale modelling tool to improve the understanding of cell material behaviour and cell manufacturing process and to reduce the time and economic resources for the market uptake of cell innovations, facilitating new high capacity and high voltage Li-ion cell generation 3b batteries.

Know more about DEFACTO: HERE

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