For more than three years, Sustainable Innovations has led the communication and exploitation tasks of SO WHAT, a project that has developed integrated software to help industries and energy services choose the best options to recover residual heat and cold.

SO WHAT has been financed with more than €3 million within the Horizon 2020 framework programme. For 42 months, the initiative has capitalized on the knowledge of previous research as well as the experience of other industrial validation environments from different industries to create a tool that helps the industry to audit the industrial process to understand where heat waste and residual cold and energy can be recovered as well as to assign the potential of renewable energy sources and, define and simulate alternative profitable scenarios based on waste heat and cold technologies. Finally, the project provided a series of key performance indicators to evaluate the impacts of these new scenarios and promoted agreements and financing models to guarantee economically viable solutions.

The role of Sustainable Innovations has been focused on the promotion of this tool, as well as in the exploitation strategy definition and agreements between the partners and intellectual property management.

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