Innovation Management

Public funding & Project generation


The European Union is funding research and innovation through the Horizon Europe programme, with a total budget of €100 billion. We support your organisation to develop R&D projects in alignment with your stakeholders and societal needs, helping you to ideate your innovation projects, connect with relevant actors, detect funding opportunities, and position yourself in Europe.

We help you to obtain funding and manage the project execution by means of the following dedicated services:

Proposal writing
Our dedicated team of engineers and business specialists will guide you through all the steps in the preparation of a European R&D project, from the creation and structuring of the consortium, the administrative and budgetary management, the writing of the full proposal document until its final submission to the funding authorities.
Integration support
We offer you the possibility to be included in European proposals with some of the most active research centres, large companies, SMEs, and other organizations in European collaborative projects. We identify the most interesting funding opportunities for your company.
EU Project Execution
We are active partners in 31 projects from a wide range of sectors. Our main expertise is focused on the communication, dissemination and exploitation of the activities related to R&D projects. We offer our services both as active partners and as consultants.
Financial services
Sometimes companies face internal constraints to carry out the financial and administrative bureaucracy of projects. We help them to process the different activities and reporting to the funding authorities.

Innovation strategy and portfolio management


We help you manage your internal innovation process through several dedicated services, customisable to your needs.

R&D strategy
We help your company to design and establish a long-term innovation strategy, identifying the main challenges and opportunities of the current innovation trends in your sector and working closely with your team to set up your course towards your desired future.
Portfolio management
Our team will guide you in designing the innovation tactics to implement your R&D strategy, transitioning from objectives to resource allocation and generation of specific projects.
Technology intelligence
Thanks to our extensive European networks composed of cutting-edge universities, research centres and start-ups, we can offer the best solutions to our clients. We can propose sustainable and efficient solutions to your challenges, by executing technology identification, screening, and evaluation activities, including investment readiness level and financial forecasts.
Technology sourcing
We analyse for you the best technology acquisition strategies, depending on internal and external factors, from technology transfer modes, competences and skills needed and search for additional funds.


Sustainable Innovations is committed to complying with the Code of Conduct established by the Board of the European Innovation Council (EIC). This Code of Conduct applies to corporate consultancies, such as Sustainable Innovations, that offer services to support their clients. Read more


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