Sustainable Innovations has been one of the partners of the MPowerBIO project, which aims to empower clusters within the bio-based industry across Europe to better support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in securing sufficient investment to bring their ideas to fruition.

One of the major challenges SMEs face in the bio-based industry is finding the necessary funding to turn their ideas into viable businesses. This can be especially difficult for companies in the early stages of development, which may not yet have a proven track record or an established customer base.

To address this issue, the MPowerBIO project has developed an online platform featuring a range of digital tools and resources designed to help SMEs navigate the process of securing investment. These tools include information on funding opportunities, guidance on how to prepare a compelling pitch deck and presentation and provide access to a network of experienced bioeconomy advisors and investors.

From Sustainable Innovations, we led the development and deployment of the investment readiness assessment and many of the training sessions that were part of MPowerBIO’s SME Business Support and Cluster Capacity Building Programmes. In addition, we also actively collaborated in capturing the most promising companies and clusters to take part in these programmes.

With the consortium’s great efforts, MPowerBIO successfully supported more than 200 SMEs and 60 clusters from all over Europe throughout its lifetime!

Through projects like MPowerBIO, Sustainable Innovations is committed to supporting the next generation of innovative and impactful bio-based businesses. We believe that by empowering these companies to secure the funding they need, we can help to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

For more information visit the MPowerBIO website.

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