For more than two years, Sustainable Innovations has led and implemented the communication strategy (development of the corporate image, website, social media strategy, etc.), as well as coordinating the dissemination of HP4ALL and supporting the implementation. of the competencies in heat pumps in Spain.

HP4All, standing for heat pumps for all, was financed with almost 1 million euros within the Horizon 2020 framework programme. Over 30 months, the initiative has developed the necessary skills to carry out high-performance, optimised heat pump installations to ensure energy efficiency improvements in residential and non-residential buildings.

To this end, the project has developed a Knowledge Hub which is a source of information that will support end-users, installers, and experts on best practices in relation to heat pump installations, and specific skills needed where users can find Best Practice Guides, Case Studies, Technical Reports, Procurement Guides, Webinars. The chosen pilot regions were Austria, Ireland and Spain in order to drive a change in the market and plan further innovations. However, Croatia, Portugal and Romania were considered observer countries and also validators of the developed package.

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