The REMADYL project aimed to revolutionize PVC recycling, particularly targeting PVC contaminated with hazardous legacy substances. This initiative addressed the challenge of extracting low molecular weight phthalate plasticizers and heavy metal-based stabilizers, enabling their reuse in various applications. Through innovative extractive extrusion technology and novel solvents, REMADYL developed a continuous process capable of rejuvenating old PVC into high-purity material suitable for diverse market demands at competitive costs.

One of Sustainable Innovations’ contributions to REMADYL was the analysis of relevant standards and legislation across Europe related to PVC formulations and chemical compounds. This analysis highlighted the need for a standardized approach to address regulations like REACH, waste shipment directives, and safety regulations. Additionally, standards for PVC handling and treatment were scrutinized to ensure compliance and safety in recycling processes.

Recognizing the complexity of existing legislation and standards across European countries, Sustainable Innovations advocated for a simplified approach to plastic recycling policies. Together with other projects under the Plastic Circularity Multiplier initiative, REMADYL worked on developing a joint policy brief aimed at European policymakers. The objective was to promote a unified approach to plastic recycling and handling, simplifying processes for industries, manufacturers, and end-users.

The culmination of these efforts is expected to bring significant benefits to the industry, manufacturers, and the environment. A standardized approach to plastic recycling and handling will provide clarity on processing, treatment, production, and recycling procedures, facilitating a more efficient and sustainable circular economy. By encouraging European policymakers to adopt a cohesive strategy, Sustainable Innovations and REMADYL have laid the groundwork for a more effective and sustainable plastic recycling ecosystem.

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