On August 30, the Annual International Conference 2022: Geographies Beyond Recovery counted on the presence of our Business Development Manager, Pablo Ariño Aguilar.

There, Pablo on behalf of SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS and the agroBRIDGES project introduced the insights outlined in the previous research paper within the European initiative, which focused on conducting a study about short food supply chain business and marketing models categorization. The final categorization list provided valuable insights in order to represent all regional contexts and eventually offer value-added information about the main factors for developing a successful business model that can enhance market success in the long term.

The presentation was done in joint collaboration with George Malliopoulos project manager at the entity coordinator Q-PLAN. Together with Pablo, both of them based their speeches on the topic: Defining sustainable Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) models using the regional co-creation approach.

The event was organised by the University of Newcastle where more than 2.000 geographers, experts and panelists from around the world could discuss, exchange ideas and bring new related topics to the table about geography, society and the environment.

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