On November 14, 2022, the Sustainability Awards Ceremony took place in Amsterdam where SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS attended in the framework of the European project UPLIFT.

There, our Communications Manager, Pablo Morales Moya had the opportunity to promote the UPLIFT project as well as interact and learn about other initiatives that seek to contribute to the European challenge of reducing and recycling plastics in the food and beverage sector that currently account for around 40 % of plastic produced in Europe.

Among all the initiatives presented, the UPLIFT project was nominated in the renewable packaging category. “It is great to see that there are initiatives that seek to reward and recognize the sustainability and the circular economy. Sustainability is something that we can only achieve together and the UPLIFT project is just one example of how different European partners are working to upcycle the food and beverage packaging”, stated Pablo.

The UPLIFT project focuses on boosting circular plastic packaging by biologically depolymerizing plastic packaging waste, bio and fossil-based, and converting it into more sustainable polymers using a biorefinery approach.

Without a doubt, it was one of the main activities to promote a project that seeks above all to contribute to the European objective of recycling 60% of plastic by 2030.

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