• TEN EUROPEAN ORGANISATIONS WILL COLLABORATE FOR 36 MONTHS TO support livestock farmers in the UPTAKE of biogas systems

• NEAR 2 MILLION EUROS HAVE BEEN GRANTED TO THIS PROJECT, financed by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme

Madrid, November 8, 2022. ALFA, a new project for unlocking the biogas potential of Agriculture and Livestock Farming has just started and will host a kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece on November 26 and 27.

This project aims to enhance the wider uptake of Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and increase the share of bioenergy as a baseload energy source. Thus, ensuring the reduction of emissions from untreated animals’ waste and supporting the creation of new jobs and revenue for this industry.

To this end, ALFA has been designed to act as a catalyst in six EU target countries: Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Slovakia and Spain, selected as case studies where science-based information on the potential of biogas will be provided to policymakers and stakeholders. To allow massive scalability of biogas, more than 50 livestock farmers will receive financial, business, and technical support services and will join dedicated capacity building seminars.

SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS, as an expert in communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities, is Hub Manager for Spain and will lead all the activities in this country for the stakeholder engagement and community building. After the study of successful real-life cases of biogas uptake, it will provide business and financial support for the agriculture and bioeconomy sectors, and will design and implement awareness-raising and training campaigns

“It is the first time that SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS acts as a Hub Manager for a specific country, managing all the tasks related to reaching and engaging relevant stakeholders. We are excited to take on this challenge and to contribute to the uptake of biogas systems in Spain and other EU countries” states Jesús Serrano, Deputy General Manager at SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS.

Renewable Energy Systems (RES)

The EU’s energy and climate targets for 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050 have placed Renewable Energy Systems (RES) in the epicenter of the efforts invested by the EU towards fighting climate change.

The production of biogas from livestock farming manure is a sustainable renewable energy resource that follows circular economy principles. Biogas can provide a clean, renewable, and reliable source of energy and can be utilised for different energy services such as heat, combined heat and electricity generation, or as fuel.

Livestock farming industry

The livestock farming industry faces great environmental risks due to the considerable amounts of untreatable organic waste produced. Livestock manure can induce significant problems for people and the natural ecosystem such as smell, unaesthetic landscape, discomfort conditions and contamination of rivers/wells and lands as well as air pollution and climate instability.

ALFA directly contributes to the efforts of doubling biogas and biomethane production by 2030 and thus, towards increasing the share of renewable energy in the final energy consumption.


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