The IS2H4C project (from Industrial Symbiosis To Hubs For Circularity) has recently been funded under the Horizon Europe Research and Development Programme, aiming to develop solutions within the process industry in different areas such as energy, water, steel, and chemicals. The hubs will be established in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Turkey.

As part of its proposal writing services, Sustainable Innovations contributed to forming a consortium of 32 European partners and managed administrative aspects, including meetings organisation and budget calculations. Sustainable Innovations also played a role in designing the conceptual structure of the proposal, defining the project work packages, and managing the writing process with the support of researchers from the University of Twente.

“IS2H4C has been one of the most challenging but also most rewarding proposals, since I had the opportunity to collaborate with a vast network of partners and generate tailored solutions to support European centers in their transition to green technologies,” stated Aynara Moreno, In-House Counsel at Sustainable Innovations.

IS2H4C stands out for prioritizing resource efficiency, the use of renewable energy, and waste prevention, promoting industrial symbiosis and the reuse of various waste streams. It incorporates innovative sustainable technologies such as water electrolysis and carbon capture, along with digital tools, while systematically integrating existing and new infrastructure.

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