With 42 members, the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF INNOVATION CONSULTANTS gathers the most relevant European companies specializing in Research, Development & Innovation.

Madrid, January 12, 2021. – SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS has been selected member of the European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC), an entity that gathers the most relevant European companies specialising in Research, Development & Innovation (RDI).

Supporting companies’ RDI activities at all levels is one of the main RDI services provided by SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS, whose offer ranges from strategy and positioning at EU level to project generation, proposal management and writing, capacity building programmes development, as well as support to internationalisation and private funding search. Additionally, the company also participates as partner in a total of 23 European projects where it leads exploitation and market research strategies, development of e-learning and training programs, as well as the implementation of communication and dissemination tasks.

“We are very glad to become members of the EAIC,” said Jesús Serrano, Deputy General Manager at SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS. “This is another step forward in our positioning as one of the leading European consultancy companies in Research, Development & Innovation.

Formerly known as European Working Group for Innovation Consultants (EWGIC), the EAIC was established as an official association in November 2020. Its main goal is to become the voice of European consulting companies specialized in Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) financing and management, boosting collaboration and discussion on common interests among them, and enhancing the impact of actions at European level.


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