SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS participated in the webinar Bioeconomy Communication and Stakeholder Engagement in COVID-19 Times that took place on November 11. The session, which was organized by the European Bioeconomy Network, counted over 70 attendees and it revolved around the challenges that the pandemic hasposed to dissemination, communication, and stakeholder engagement activities. Our Communications Manager, Ana Martínez, shared her experience in managing the dissemination and communication of BIOSWITCH, a project funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme that aims to encourage and support brand owners to transition from fossil-based to bio-based approaches.

As part of her presentation, Ana explained how several tasks foreseen in BIOSWITCH had to be reshaped and transformed into online activities. She spoke about the pros and contras of each format, online and offline, and she introduced some good practices to ensure that online communications efforts are maximized, such as leveraging influencers and multipliers to reach higher visibility, taking personalized approaches when contacting stakeholders, and using regional languages in certain scenarios.

During the webinar, participants talked not only about challenges but also about the different opportunities that the online management of communications and stakeholder engagement have created. For instance, all the speakers agreed on the wider reach that online activities have in comparison to those held onsite, and they also assessed positively the fact that they are cheaper and less time-consuming. Moreover, an international audience is much easier to attract when travelling is not needed.

SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS is involved in several projects related to the bio-based industry, such as BIOSWITCH, MPOWERBIO, ICT-BIOCHAIN, URBIOFUTURE, and the upcoming AGROBRIDGES. Within these initiatives, SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS contributes with its expertise in communication and dissemination, as well as in market uptake, business plans, and capacity building, among other activities.


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