On March 6, 2024, our operations team attended the final review meeting of the agroBRIDGES project, an initiative focused on strengthening farmers’ positions, increasing their income, and enhancing direct connections with consumers while promoting the adoption of Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC) in the European Union.

The role of Sustainable Innovations during the execution included designing and producing several communication and training materials to connect not only producers and consumers but also students and policymakers. These tools were translated into 12 local languages to be adopted by the different beacon regions and later integrated into the main agroBRIDGES Toolbox alongside other tools developed by project partners.

Lastly, we led the exploitation activities, the intellectual property strategy, and the categorization of the business model based on SFSC models, where our Business Development Manager, Pablo Ariño Aguilar, was invited to give a virtual keynote lecture at the University of Newcastle as part of its annual international conference 2022: Geographies Beyond Recovery.

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