The completion of the RECYCALYSE project in October 2023 marked a significant achievement in the field of sustainable energy solutions. Over nearly four years, the initiative developed a prototype of its proton exchange membrane electrolyser (PEM). This advancement is part of the project’s ongoing quest to develop alternatives to the use of critical materials in energy storage, thereby contributing to the development of a circular economy in the framework of green hydrogen production.

Sustainable Innovations led the tasks of communication, dissemination, training, development of potential business models to exploit the project’s results, and intellectual property strategies to maximize the outcomes of the European initiative.

RECYCALYSE demonstrated the viability and effectiveness of circular economy principles in the field of energy storage. By implementing strategies aimed at extending life cycles and maximizing resource efficiency, the project has set a precedent for sustainable practices within the industry.

In conclusion, RECYCALYSE marked a significant step in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. Its tangible results in materials innovation, manufacturing techniques, and promotion of the circular economy underscore the potential for transformative change within the energy sector. As the project’s conclusions continue to resonate, they serve as a testament to the power of collaborative research and innovation in addressing global challenges.

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