SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS is working on developing sustainable business models for the future replication of the project technologies of SPEEDIER, a Horizon 2020 initiative under the topic of implementation of energy audits for energy efficiency.

SPEEDIER responds to the acronym of SME program for energy efficiency through delivery and implementation of energy audits. The project’s main objective is to address the barriers faced by Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that prevent them from undertaking energy audits and implementing the recommended energy-saving measures.

SMEs account for 99.98% of European enterprises and are responsible for approximately 13% of total energy demand. Thus, there is a huge road for improvement in terms of energy efficiency.

Although it is clear that SMEs have enormous potential to save energy and contribute towards the European Union Energy Efficiency Directive to achieve a 32.5% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030, they often struggle to implement simple energy saving measures due to a lack of in-house knowledge, expertise and resources. 

To overcome these difficulties, SPEEDIER will provide a self-financing outsourced energy management service to SMEs. By handing over the role of energy manager to specially trained SPEEDIER Experts, SMEs will be able to access the expertise they need, leading to higher uptake of energy audits and better implementation of energy efficiency measures.

At SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS, as partner in the consortium that is working to achieve these goals, we work in the development of the sustainable business models of the project and we are in charge of the communication and dissemination strategies to raise awareness on SPEEDIER’s scope and progress.

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